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Patikaweb provides a Web interface for retrieving and analyzing biological pathways in the Patika database, which contains data integrated from various prominent public pathway databases. It features a user-friendly interface, dynamic visualization and automated layout, advanced graph-theoretic queries for extracting biologically important phenomena, local(More)
We present an algorithm for the layout of undirected compound graphs, relaxing restrictions of previously known algorithms in regards to topology and geometry. The algorithm is based on the traditional force-directed layout scheme with extensions to handle multi-level nesting, edges between nodes of arbitrary nesting levels, varying node sizes, and other(More)
  • O. Babur, E. Belviranli, +10 authors C. Kucukkececi
  • 2006
Although there has been an enormous amount of effort for creating ontologies, standards and tools, current bioinformatics infrastructure is far from coping with the dramatically increasing amount of biological data. The PATIKA Project aims to provide the scientific community with an integrated environment for modeling, analyzing and integrating cellular(More)
  • İlknur Kaynar, Yasemin Satıroğlu, +26 authors Sinan Uşşaklı
  • 2003
Introduction One of the most important principles in software engineering for coping with complexity and achieving quality software is the separation of concerns principle. This principle states that a given design problem involves different kinds of concerns, which should be identified and separated in different modules. The history of software development(More)
Objective: The objective of this study is to compare the efficacy and safety of bevacizumab versus mitomycin C as an adjuvant anti-scarring agent in trabeculectomy. on a case series. A total of 49 eyes of 45 patients with uncontrolled glaucoma were recruited: 22 eyes in the bevacizumab (BVZ) group, and 27 eyes in the mitomycin C (MMC) group. Complete(More)
INTRODUCTION Hysteroscopy is the gold standard for evaluation of uterine cavity. It can be performed either as office setting or as day care procedure under general anaesthesia. Objective of this study is to assess feasibility and acceptability of office hysteroscopy without anaesthesia. MATERIALS AND METHODS This retrospective observational study took(More)
Purpose: To describe a case series of neovascular glaucoma treated with intracameral bevacizumab prior to filtering surgery. Design: Descriptive, retrospective case series. Methods: Five eyes of 5 patients with neovascular glaucoma due to any cause candidates to filtering surgery who had previously received an injection of intracameral bevacizumab (1.25(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the interest of saline contrast sonohysterography in the evaluation of number, size and shape of cesarean scar defects in comparison with 3D-transvaginal ultrasound examination. METHODS Patients who had surgical reparation of cesarean scar defect by operative hysteroscopy were included in this retrospective study. Before surgery,(More)
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