Erhan Çinlar

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The two-point cluster function C2(rl, r2) provides a measure of clustering in continuum models of disordered many-particle systems and thus is a useful signature of the microstructure. For a two-phase disordered medium, C2(rt, r2) is defined to be the probability of finding two points at positions r t and r_, in the same cluster o f one o f the phases. An(More)
Scientists use diverse evidence to learn about the relative validity of various broad theories. Given the lack of statistical structure in this scientific learning problem, techniques of model selection and meta-analysis are not directly useful as quantitative guides. I use five simplifying assumptions to make the problem tractable by standard statistical(More)
Consider the lifelengths T 1,...,Tk of k components subjected to a randomly varying environment. They are dependent on each other because of their common dependence on the environment. The parameters of the model are the distribution of the random process which describes the environment and a set of rate functions which determine the probability law of(More)
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