Ergys Ristani

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To help accelerate progress in multi-target, multi-camera tracking systems, we present (i) a new pair of precision-recall measures of performance that treats errors of all types uniformly and emphasizes correct identification over sources of error; (ii) the largest fully-annotated and calibrated data set to date with more than 2 million frames of 1080p,(More)
Tracking multiple people online and in real time Report Title We cast the problem of tracking several people as a graph partitioning problem that takes the form of an NP-hard binary integer program. We propose a tractable, approximate, online solution through the combination of a multistage cascade and a sliding temporal window. Our experiments demonstrate(More)
We propose a method for tracking groups from single and multiple cameras with disjoint fields of view. Our formulation follows the tracking-by-detection paradigm where groups are the atomic entities and are linked over time to form long and consistent trajectories. To this end, we formulate the problem as a supervised clustering problem where a Structural(More)
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