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The aim of this study was to evaluate changes in heart rate (HR), QT and RR intervals and corrected QT (QTc) values in conscious male and female New Zealand rabbits which intravenously received oxytocin (OXT) at different dosages. Animals were divided into 6 equal groups: group I (n = 6 male, received 0.75 U OXT per animal); group II (n = 6 male, received(More)
This study was designed to disclose some indicators of oxidative stress and inflammation in natural cases of bovine leptospirosis. For this purpose, 12 bulls exhibiting clinical signs of leptospirosis and 10 healthy bulls were used. Animals were subjected to thorough clinical examination and the clinical signs were recorded. All animals were blood sampled(More)
This paper studies the performance of an artificial neural network (ANN) with teaching–learning-based optimization (TLBO) for modeling electric energy demand (EED) in Turkey. The ANN with TLBO (ANN-TLBO) was compared to the ANN with backpropagation (ANN-BP) and the ANN with artificial bee colony algorithm (ANN-ABC) models. Gross domestic product,(More)
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