Ergün Şimşek

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This paper presents an efficient method to evaluate the two- and three-dimensional multilayered medium Green's functions for general electric and magnetic sources. Without finding any surface poles or steepest descent path, a special subtraction procedure is applied to each term of the Sommerfeld integrands to make them rapidly decreasing functions of(More)
An efficient 3-D spectral integral method (SIM) has been proposed to speed up the method of moments (MOM) calculation of induced currents on a cuboid. This method utilizes the Toeplitz structure in the impedance matrix and the fast Fourier transform to accelerate the MOM solution. It reduces the memory and CPU time per iteration from in the MOM to and ,(More)
The stabilized biconjugate gradient fast Fourier transform (BCGS-FFT) method is applied to simulate electromagnetic and acoustic scattering from inhomogeneous objects embedded in a layered medium in two dimensions. Two-dimensional layered-media Green’s functions are computed adaptively by using Gaussian quadratures after singularity subtraction. The Green’s(More)
This paper first presents a spectral integral method (SIM) for electromagnetic scattering from homogeneous dielectric and perfectly electric conducting objects straddling several layers of a multilayered medium. It then uses this SIM as an exact radiation boundary condition to truncate the computational domain in the finite-element method (FEM) to form a(More)
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