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We consider the 2 x 2 hyperbolic system of isentropic gas dynamics, in both Eulerian or Lagrangian variables (also called the p-system). We show that they can be reformulated as a kinetic equation, using an additional kinetic variable. Such a formulation was first obtained by the authors in the case of multidimensional scalar conservation laws. A new(More)
A high resolution, second-order central difference method for incompressible flows is presented. The method is based on a recent second-order extension of the classic Lax-Friedrichs scheme introduced for hyperbolic conservation laws (Nessyahu H. & Tadmor E. (1990) J. Comp. Physics. 87, 408-463; Jiang G.-S. & Tadmor E. (1996) UCLA CAM Report 96-36, SIAM J.(More)
— This paper presents a prototype CMOS image sensor with a fast global shutter based on the Vertical Overflow Drain (VOD) shutter mechanism. The imager presents several novel features: First, the adaptation of the VOD shutter mechanism previously used exclusively in CCDs into a 0.18-µm CMOS image sensor process. Second, the application of the VOD shutter(More)
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