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We report the application of single-molecule-based sequencing technology for high-throughput profiling of histone modifications in mammalian cells. By obtaining over four billion bases of sequence from chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA, we generated genome-wide chromatin-state maps of mouse embryonic stem cells, neural progenitor cells and embryonic(More)
A fundamental aspect of all biological systems is cooperation. Cooperative interactions are required for many levels of biological organization ranging from single cells to groups of animals. Human society is based to a large extent on mechanisms that promote cooperation. It is well known that in unstructured populations, natural selection favours defectors(More)
We present a new edition of the Google Books Ngram Corpus, which describes how often words and phrases were used over a period of five centuries, in eight languages; it reflects 6% of all books ever published. This new edition introduces syntactic annotations: words are tagged with their part-of-speech, and head-modifier relationships are recorded. The(More)
Human language is based on grammatical rules. Cultural evolution allows these rules to change over time. Rules compete with each other: as new rules rise to prominence, old ones die away. To quantify the dynamics of language evolution, we studied the regularization of English verbs over the past 1,200 years. Although an elaborate system of productive(More)
  • R. Harshawardhan, Mridula Sara Augustine, +22 authors Susan Welsh
  • 2011
In this paper, we present a novel framework for phrase based translation system using translation memory by concept labeling. The concepts are labeled on the input text, followed by the conversion of text into phrases. The phrase is searched throughout the translation memory, where the parallel corpus is stored. The translation memory displays all source(More)
The United States spends more than $1B each year on initiatives such as the Amer-ican Community Survey (ACS), a labor-intensive door-to-door study that measures demographic factors 1. Although a comprehensive source of data, the lag between demographic changes and their appearance in the ACS can exceed half a decade. As digital imagery becomes ubiquitous(More)
The author hereby grants to M.I.T. permission to reproduce and to distribute publicly paper and electronic copies of this thesis document in whole and in part in any medium now known or hereafter created. Abstract Seaweed is a web application for experimental economists with no programming background to design two‐player symmetric games in a visual‐oriented(More)
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