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Clustering in data mining is a discovery process that groups a set of data so as to maximize the intra-cluster similarity and to minimize the inter-cluster similarity. Clustering becomes more challenging when data are categorical and the amount of available memory is less than the size of the data set. In this paper, we introduce CBC (Clustering Based on(More)
The procedure of evaluating the results of a clustering algorithm is known under the term cluster validity. In general terms, cluster validity criteria can be classified in three categories: internal, external and relative. In this work we focus on the external and internal criteria. External indexes require a priori data for the purposes of evaluating the(More)
The growing abundance of text articles in internet requires automated tagging using key phrases. The automated key phrase generation of resources helps in the information retrieval. To generate the key phrases for texts from all possible domains, the need is an automated approach that would extract the key ideas directly from the text itself. In this paper,(More)
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