Eren Basar Çil

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We study a class of queueing control problems involving commonly used control mechanisms such as admission control, pricing, and service rate control. Such controls are frequently employed in modeling service systems, telecommunications , and also in inventory systems modeled as make-to-stock queues. It is by now well established that in a number of such(More)
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the structural properties of the optimal batch acceptance policy in a Markovian queueing system where different classes of customers arrive in batches and the buffer capacity is finite. We prove that the optimal policy can possess certain monotonicity properties under the assumptions of a single-server and(More)
This paper investigates an optimal sequencing and dynamic pricing problem for a two-class queueing system. Using a Markov Decision Process based model, we obtain structural characterizations of optimal policies. In particular, it is shown that the optimal pricing policy depends on the entire queue length vector but some monotonicity results prevail as the(More)
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