Erdogan Madenci

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Combined finite element and peridynamic analyses for predicting failure in a stiffened composite curved panel with a central slot" (2012). US Department of Energy Publications. Paper 127. a b s t r a c t This study presents an analysis approach based on a merger of the finite element method and the peri-dynamic theory. Its validity is established through(More)
Nomenclature This study presents a semi-analytical solution method to analyze the geometrically nonlinear response of bonded composite single-lap joints with tapered adherend edges under uniaxial tension. The solution method provides the transverse shear and normal stresses in the adhesive and in-plane stress resultants and bending moments in the adherends.(More)
Based on the theory of elasticity, previous analytical solutions concerning a penny-shaped interface crack employ the derivative of the crack surface opening displacements as the primary unknowns, thus leading to singular integral equations with Cauchy-type singularity. The solutions to the resulting integral equations permit only the determination of(More)
A new experimental method to characterize the mechanical properties of metallic nanowires is introduced. An accurate and fast mechanical characterization of nanowires requires simultaneous imaging and testing of the nanowires. However, existing mechanical characterization techniques fail to accomplish this goal due either to the lack of imaging capability(More)
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