Erdoğan Atasoy

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This article is concerned with thoracic outlet compression syndrome (TOCS), one of the most controversial subjects in medicine. It may also be the most underrated, overlooked, misdiagnosed, and probably the most important and difficult to manage peripheral nerve compression in the upper extremity. Contents of the chapter include the historical aspect,(More)
A study was made of the results of immediate repair and controlled mobilization in 156 severed flexor tendons in 68 patients occuring over an 18-month period. Eight patients with 16 tendon injuries could not be followed. Results were obtained from examinations done 6 weeks to 18 months (mean, 5.3 months) after repair. Thirty-one of the 60 patients were less(More)
Defining replantation as the restoration of a completely amputated part as opposed to simply restoring circulation to an incompletely severed part, the results of replantation of 86 completely amputated parts in 71 patients performed from January, 1970, to December, 1975, were studied. Twenty-eight, or 32.5 percent, were the result of sharp severances of(More)
Because hand surgeons frequently see patients with arm and hand pain, numbness, and tingling, it is important for them to recognize the possibility of the presence of thoracic outlet compression syndrome (TOCS). Approximately 40% to 50% of patients with this condition have associated peripheral nerve compression symptoms. Only about 10% of patients with(More)
The results have been evaluated of 29 patients who had wrist denervation for chronic wrist pain between 1979 and 1987. Follow-up ranged from 22 to 86 months (mean 51 months). 17 patients had denervation without a concurrent procedure. Of these, 12% became pain-free and 71% had pain with all activities or had additional surgery; 24% said they were satisfied(More)
In the author's experience, the rate of recurrence is lower (5%-10%) when a combined procedure (transaxillary first rib resection followed by immediate transcervical anterior and middle scalenectomy) is performed as the primary operation. The author strongly believes this combined procedure accomplishes an excellent decompression of the thoracic outlet area(More)