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In this study, we compared the effectiveness of two approaches to effort estimation for organizations utilizing SCRUM. We compared SCRUM's native effort estimation method Story Points and poker planning, with effort estimation models based on COSMIC Function Points (CFP) for a selection of projects. We utilized different regression models and ANN(More)
Effort data is crucial for project management activities in software projects. This data is utilized in estimations that are required for project planning, in the formation of benchmarking data sets and as a main input for project monitoring and control activities. However, there are known problems regarding effort data collection in the industry. In this(More)
Effort prediction remains to be one of the greatest challenges of software management. While advances in functional size measurement enable functional size to be successfully utilized for effort prediction there are various factors that create significant variances. One of these factors is functional similarity. In this study, we developed, automated and(More)
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