Erdem Tunçbay

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Vertebral hydatid cysts are rare and found in less than 1% of all the cases of hydatidosis. Neural compression is common in vertebral hydatidosis. The prognosis is generally regarded as very poor. This paper examines the natural history and complications which may arise during the treatment of vertebral hydatid cyst, and discusses their treatment. Thirteen(More)
The diagnosis and management of intramedullary spinal cord tumors have been significantly influenced by new diagnostic and surgical tools such as MRI, ultrasonic aspiration, intraoperative ultrasound, and evoked potential monitoring. In this study we compared the surgical results of our earlier cases using conventional methods with more recent cases using(More)
This work examines demographic and clinical characteristics of 163 consecutive cases of acute spinal injuries in a small area of Western Turkey, since 1982. These include all spinal injuries with or without neurological symptoms. Combined conservative and surgical methods were used for treatment. Age, sex, etiology, site of injury, radiologic findings,(More)
Brain-stem auditory evoked potentials (BAEP's) and blink reflexes (BR's) were recorded from 40 patients with clinical and radiological evidence of posterior fossa tumors. They were examined in three groups according to the anatomical location of the lesion: Group A included 15 patients with midline tumors; Group B included 14 patients with cerebellar(More)
Penetrating injury of the upper cervical spinal cord is usually caused by missiles. An unusual case of injury to the upper cervical spinal cord by a speargun is reported. Surgical treatment was uneventful, and the patient made good neurological progress within 2 days after the operation. On the fifth day he became confused and had a temperature of 40(More)
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