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| Underlying principles of stereoscopic direct-view displays, binocular head-mounted displays, and autostereoscopic direct-view displays are explained and some early work as well as the state of the art in those technologies are reviewed. Stereoscopic displays require eyewear and can be categorized based on the multiplexing scheme as: 1) color multiplexed(More)
After the invention of lasers, in the past 50 years progress made in laser-based display technology has been very promising, with commercial products awaiting release to the mass market. Compact laser systems, such as edge-emitting diodes, vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, and optically pumped semiconductor lasers, are suitable candidates for(More)
This paper presents a laser based auto-stereoscopic 3D display technique and a prototype utilizing a dual projector light engine. The solution described is able to form dynamic exit pupils under the control of a multi-user head-tracker. A prototype completed recently is able to provide a glasses-free solution for a single user at a fixed position. At the(More)
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