Erdem Demircioglu

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Traditional GNSS positioning systems utilize MEO constellation of satellites with composite ranging signals. However these systems have major drawbacks of high manufacturing cost, operational difficulties and lack of performance during all time usage. These drawbacks force to find alternative methods for improving positioning accuracy. In this paper, a(More)
Architectural optimization of spacecraft telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) subsystems, in the view of reliability analysis is discussed in this paper. Subsystem equipment configuration is optimized using an autonomous design approach, which satisfies the system performance parameters such as multipath loss, uplink C/No, noise temperature, telemetry(More)
Ethylene glycol–water mixtures (EGWM) are vital for cooling engines in automotive industry. Scarce information is available in the literature for estimating the heat transfer coefficients (HTC) of EGWM using knowledge-based estimation techniques such as adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems (ANFIS) and artificial neural networks (ANN) which offer nonlinear(More)
The small satellites offer reduced cost and low mass solutions for various mission needs such as Earth monitoring, scientific experiments, and data communication. Thus the small satellite market grows proportionally as their developing technologies replace the operations of conventional large satellites. Nowadays manufacturers consider small satellites due(More)
In this study, a microstrip antenna operating at 1840 MHz is designed and simulation results are presented. Sonnet Suits 12.56 a powerful 3D EM simulator for antenna applications is utilized as the design software. The antenna air thickness is 170 mm and the gap between the antenna and floor is 3.05 mm. Cell size is regarded as 0.75 mm. The frequency of(More)
Determination of communication satellite orbital parameters via accurate measurements plays a vital role to control satellites in a sturdily way. The anomalies occurred in satellite orbit must be determined in time to keep it in its nominal orbit using on-board active control systems such as thrusters. In this study, utilization of a Ku-band navigation(More)
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