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Despite JavaScript runtime's lack of conventional threads, the presence of asynchrony creates a real potential for concurrency errors. These concerns have lead to investigations of race conditions in the Web context. However, focusing on races does not produce actionable error reports that would at the end of the day appeal to developers and cause them to(More)
We present a dynamic verification technique for a class of concurrent programming models that combine dataflow and shared memory programming. In this class of hybrid concurrency models, programs are built from tasks whose data dependencies are explicitly defined by a programmer and used by the runtime system to coordinate task execution. Differently from(More)
Modern cloud and distributed systems depend heavily on replication of large-scale databases to guarantee properties like high availability, scalability and fault tolerance. These replicas are maintained in geographically distant locations to be able to serve clients from different regions without any loss of performance. Ideally, these systems require to(More)
The crew pairing problem is an airline optimization problem where a set of least costly pairings (consecutive flights to be flown by a single crew) that covers every flight in a given flight network is sought. A pairing is defined by using a very complex set of feasibility rules imposed by international and national regulatory agencies, and also by the(More)
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