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Cone-valued lower semicontinuous maps are used to generalize Cristi-Kirik’s fixed point theorem to Cone metric spaces. The cone under consideration is assumed to be strongly minihedral and normal. First we prove such a type of fixed point theorem in compact cone metric spaces and then generalize to complete cone metric spaces. Some more general results are(More)
We obtain some fixed point theorems for two pairs of hybrid mappings using hybrid tangential property and quadratic type contractive condition. Our results generalize some results by Babu and Alemayehu and those contained therein. In the sequel, we introduce a new notion to generalize occasionally weak compatibility. Moreover, two concrete examples are(More)
LetA andB be two nonempty subsets of ametric space (X, d). An element x ∈ A is said to be a fixed point of a given map T : A → B ifTx = x. Clearly,T(A)∩A ̸ = 0 is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for the existence of a fixed point of T. If T(A) ∩ A = 0, then d(x, Tx) > 0 for all x ∈ A that is, the set of fixed points of T is empty. In a such(More)