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Erdal Ekici has introduced and studied nearly continuous multifunctions [Acta Math. Univ. Comenianae, Vol. LXXII, 2 (2003), pp. 1–7]. The purpose of the present paper is to introduce and study upper and lower almost nearly continuous multifunctions as a weaker form of upper and lower nearly continuous multifunctions. Basic characterizations, several(More)
It is the objective of this paper to introduce a new class of generalizations of continuous functions via λ-open sets called weakly λcontinuous functions. Moreover, we study some of its fundamental properties. It turns out that weak λ-continuity is weaker than λ-continuity [1]. AMS Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 54C10, 54D10
In this paper, by using operations, some characterizations and some properties of fuzzy lower and upper continuous multifunctions and its weaker and stronger forms including fuzzy lower and upper weakly continuous, fuzzy lower and upper θ-continuous, fuzzy lower and upper strongly θ-continuous, fuzzy lower and upper almost strongly θ-continuous, fuzzy lower(More)
Almost contra-precontinuous functions were introduced by Ekici [7] and recently have been investigated further by Noiri and Popa [13]. The purpose of this note is to develop some new characterizations of almost contra-precontinuous functions and to introduce a new weak form of almost contra-precontinuity, which we call subalmost contraprecontinuity. It is(More)