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Vancomycin penetration into lung tissue was evaluated in thirty patients following the administration of 1 g of vancomycin as a 1 h i.v. infusion. Mean concentrations (range) of vancomycin in lung tissue were 9.6 (6.3-12.1) mg/kg at 1h, 5.7 (4.7-7.4) mg/kg at 2 h, 4.2 (0.8-6.5) mg/kg at 3-4 h, 2.4 (1.4-4.7) mg/kg at 6 h, and 2.8 (0.9-7.8) mg/kg at 12 h(More)
The fitness of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in vivo depends on the interaction of a multitude of viral and host factors. The aim of this study was to analyze the biological phenotype and the intrinsic capacity of the HIV isolates with drug-resistance mutations to replicate efficiently in the absence of drugs. An open label multicenter cross-sectional(More)
Health-care-associated infection (HAI) is a major issue of patient safety with a substantial impact on morbidity, mortality, and use of additional resources worldwide. In April 2004, the WHO Regional Office for Europe organised the first international consultation to address the issue of HAI in eastern and central Europe. The main objectives of the(More)
3 patients with severe CD4 lymphocytopenia (62-91 cells/microL) and inverted CD4/CD8 ratios (0.13-0.15) developed Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia during symptomatic, primary HIV-1 infection. Within four months of symptom onset, their CD4 counts and CD4/CD8 ratios returned to normal. Twenty-nine to forty-eight months after acquiring HIV-1 infection, they show(More)
During the 1990s, a striking increase in the notification rate for syphilis has been observed in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe. Given easier current access to international travel and migration from Eastern Europe, this trend is likely to involve Western Europe as well. To investigate this possibility, 110 foreign-born prostitutes (32 from(More)
BACKGROUND Fulminant hepatitis on withdrawal of chemotherapy has been described in chronic hepatitis B virus infection, but not in hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. The relation between HCV and immune response to this virus, and disease severity, has not been examined. We present two patients with HCV who developed fulminant liver failure after(More)