Erchang Shang

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Sans-fille (SNF) is the Drosophila homologue of mammalian general splicing factors U1A and U2B'', and it is essential in Drosophila sex determination. We found that, besides its ability to bind U1 snRNA, SNF can also bind polyuridine RNA tracts flanking the male-specific exon of the master switch gene Sex-lethal (Sxl) pre-mRNA specifically, similar to(More)
The discovery of multitarget drugs has recently attracted much attention. Most of the reported multitarget ligands have been serendipitous discoveries. Although a few methods have been developed for rational multitarget drug discovery, there is a lack of elegant methods for de novo multitarget drug design and optimization, especially for multiple targets(More)
Reduced nutritional state is associated with unfavourable outcomes and a lower quality of life in patients with malignancies. Patients with active tumour disease frequently have insufficient food intake. The resting energy expenditure in cancer patients can be increased, decreased, or remain unchanged compared to predicted values. Tumours may result in(More)
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