Ercan Gürlek

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In this work a detection algorithm for mucosal wave propagation is presented. By incorporating physiological knowledge of mucosal wave properties and taking the segmented lateral movement of both vocal fold edges as a basis, the spatio-temporal position of the traveling mucosal wave is identified and quantitatively captured. The course of mucosal wave(More)
After total larynx excision due to laryngeal cancer, the tracheoesophageal substitute tissue vibrations at the intersection between the pharynx and the esophagus [pharyngoesophageal segment (PE segment)] serve as voice generator. The quality of the substitute voice significantly depends on the vibratory characteristics of the PE segment. For improving voice(More)
laryngeal cancer may necessitate a complete removal of the larynx. consequently, the required sound source for voiced communication is lost. alternatively, a substitute sound signal can be generated by tissue vibrations in the pharyngoesophageal (pe) segment. the quality of the substitute voice significantly depends on the vibration characteristics of the(More)
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