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BACKGROUND A study to curb transmission cycle of a zoonotic Taenia cestodiasis between humans and cattle is presented. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the reliability of meat inspection procedure in detecting carcasses of cattle with T. saginata cysticercosis. METHODS A total of 55 cattle divided into two groups of artificially (n=30) and naturally (n= 25)(More)
Experimental transmission of Besnoitia caprae from naturally chronically-infected goats to susceptible ones was achieved by intra-nasal instillation and intra-conjunctival inoculation of cystozoite-containing suspensions, subcutaneous implantation of fascia containing cysts and alternate needle pricking between the infected and non-infected goats. Typical(More)
With the growing global antimicrobial resistance crisis, there is a critical need for alternatives to conventional antibiotics, especially in developing countries. Virulent bacteriophages (phages) represent a viable antibacterial technology that could be particularly beneficial, since phages are active against antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, easy to(More)
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