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In this paper, we explore the use of multi-band radio frequency interconnect (or RF-I) with signal propagation at the speed of light to provide shortcuts in a many core network-on-chip (NoC) mesh topology. We investigate the costs associated with this technology, and examine the latency and bandwidth benefits that it can provide. Assuming a 400mm 2 die, we(More)
As chip multiprocessors scale to a greater number of processing cores, on-chip interconnection networks will experience dramatic increases in both bandwidth demand and power dissipation. Fortunately, promising gains can be realized via integration of Radio Frequency Interconnect (RF-I) through on-chip transmission lines with traditional interconnects(More)
In this paper, we propose a new way of implementing on-chip global interconnect that would meet stringent challenges of core-to-core communications in latency, data rate, and re-configurability for future chip-microprocessors (CMP) with efficient area and energy overheads. We discuss the limitation of traditional RC-limited interconnects and possible(More)
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