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Effects of acute and seasonal heat stress on tonic and GnRH-induced LH and FSH secretion were examined during the early follicular phase of the oestrous cycle of cows (n = 40). Prostaglandin F2 alpha was injected on day 11 +/- 1 of the oestrous cycle and on the next day blood samples were collected at intervals of 15-20 min for 14 h, and i.m. injection of(More)
This paper introduces O-structures, a novel architectural memory element that can be used to facilitate parallelism in task-based execution models. Much like register renaming, each write to an O-structure creates a new version of program memory at that location. These versions can be accessed concurrently and out of program order. O-structures provide a(More)
Large antral follicles (13 to 20 mm in diameter) were collected from ovaries of 109 cows and 17 heifers that also had a regressed corpus luteum at slaughter. Thirty percent of the animals had been injected once with prostaglandin F(2)alpha 48 hours before slaughter. Follicles were divided into 3 groups based on estradiol and oxytocin concentrations in the(More)
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