Eran Eidinger

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This paper concerns the estimation of facial attributes-namely, age and gender-from images of faces acquired in challenging, in the wild conditions. This problem has received far less attention than the related problem of face recognition, and in particular, has not enjoyed the same dramatic improvement in capabilities demonstrated by contemporary face(More)
More than 50 years ago, B. Lyot and later on I. Solc introduced new types of optical filters called birefringent filters. Such filters take advantage of the phase shifts between orthogonal polarization to obtain narrow band filters. It requires birefringent wave plates for introducing phase retardation between the two orthogonal components of a linearly(More)
We propose a new approach for the blind identification of a multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) system. As a substitute to using "classical" high-order statistics (HOS) in the form of time-lagged joint cumulants, or polyspectra, we use the estimated Hessian matrices of the second joint generalized characteristic function of time-lagged observations, evaluated(More)
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