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The aim of this paper is to present a non-linear extension of the Sanger's Generalized Hebbian Algorithm to the processing of complex-valued data. A possible choice of the involved non-linearity is discussed recalling the Sudjianto-Hassoun interpretation of the non-linear Hebbian learning. Extension of this interpretation to the complex case leads to a(More)
Several contributions in literature have recently proposed techniques based on assumption of source sparsity in some representation domain to give a solution to the problem of blind source separation in the underdetermined case. This work investigates how to employ wavelet based sparse representation of signals in an already existing algorithm for the(More)
The goal of predictive maintenance is to forecast the occurrence of faults of an appliance, in order to proactively take the necessary actions to ensure its availability. In many application scenarios, predictive maintenance is applied to a set of homogeneous appliances. In this paper, we firstly review taxonomies and main methodologies currently used for(More)
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