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We experimentally demonstrate for the first time the existence of distinguishable contributions to hyper-Rayleigh scattering ~HRS! intensities from Ag nanoparticles arising from electric–dipole and electric–quadrupole plasmon resonances at the emitted wavelength. We show that these results can be successfully modeled using an electromagnetic theory of HRS(More)
We report unexpected phenomena observed on the Sr2RuO4-Ru eutectic phase featuring Ru islands embedded in a bulk crystal of the chiral p-wave superconductor Sr2RuO4. It was found that the Sr2RuO4/Ru interface is atomically sharp, terminated uniformly by a Sr/O layer. Surprisingly, the proximity-induced p-wave superconducting energy gap predicted by theory(More)
According to the theory of DBR, with the P-type DBR as an example, the electrical characteristics and optical reflection of the DBR are analyzed by studying the energy band structure with various graded region widths and doping densities. The width and doping density of graded region are decided through a comparative study. The P-type DBR of 980 nm VCSELs(More)
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