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L-2-Hydroxyglutaric aciduria is a rare organic aciduria associated with neurological and particularly cerebellar abnormalities. These abnormalities developed in childhood or later in all previously described patients. We report a more severe form of L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria in which an infant presented shortly after birth with hypotonia, apnoea, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the influence of different sleep stages on respiratory regulation in normal people. METHODS We measured ventilation (VE) and occlusion pressure (P0.1) responses to hyperoxia hypercapnia (deltaVE/deltaPaCO2, deltaP0.1/deltaPaCO2) and isocapnic hypoxia (deltaVE/deltaSaO2 and deltaP0.1/deltaSaO2) in eleven non-snoring healthy people(More)
We studied nine patients with cerebral ptosis and gaze deviation following an acute stroke. The brains of all nine showed an extensive lesion in the fronto-parieto-temporal regions. In five the stroke was left hemispheric. The assumption is that cerebral ptosis may have a bihemispheric representation and results from damage to the connections rather than to(More)
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