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—By analyzing the characteristics of off-road images, a new and computationally efficient algorithm of road segmentation and road type identification for Autonomous Land Vehicle (ALV) navigation system based on the proposed new-type histogram calculation was established. The new-type histogram is a new image, not a curve. It is also directional. It makes a(More)
A new method of two-way traffic signal timing control based on speed is presented. The whole control structure is divided into the decision-making level and control level. Two new measurements are put forward which weigh traffic urgency degree and differentiate traffic flow states separately based on traffic demands. Two-way traffic control and one-way(More)
1 1 1. Abstract A robot localization algorithm based on particle filter is presented. Firstly in order to improve the filtering effect and decrease the number of particles needed, one parallel extended Kalman filter is used as the proposal density of particle filter, thus partial observation information will be infused into the filtering process. Secondly,(More)
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