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Here, we compared the effects of bipolar and monopolar transurethral resection of the prostate (B-TURP, M-TURP) for treating elderly patients (≥75 years) with benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH) who had internal comorbidities. Eligible BPH patients were aged ≥75 years and had at least one internal comorbidity. In this open-label, prospective trial, patients(More)
The ZnWO(4) nanorods doped with cadmium ions have been successfully synthesized by a hydrothermal crystallization process. The products were characterized in detail by multiform techniques: X-ray diffraction (XRD), energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDS), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The results of the(More)
Understanding the sediment delivery ratio (SDR) is important in controlling sediments for the sustainable development of natural resources and in the design of the construction such as dams and reservoirs. The purpose of this investigation is to determine the SDR by the (137)Cs tracing method in a small watershed in the Sichuan Hilly Basin of China. In the(More)
The title compound, [Zn(2)(C(16)H(12)O(6))(2)(C(12)H(8)N(2))(2)(H(2)O)(2)](n), consists of linear chains formed through 5-[4-(hydroxymethyl)benzyloxy]isophthalate (mabobdc) ligands linking five- and six-coordinated Zn(II) ions. The linear chains are linked into a bilayer network via O-H...O hydrogen bonds. Adjacent bilayer structures are further linked with(More)
The alpha-MnO2 spherical assemblies were prepared via a facile hydrothermal approach in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). The assembled nanostructures were composed of the MnO2 nanorods with 150-200 nm in width and several micrometers in length. The products were characterized by SEM, TEM and XRD. The electrochemical characterization was carried(More)
Endmember extraction (EE) plays an extremely important role for hyperspectral mixture analysis, and many EE methods have been proposed in recent years. However, most approaches have been designed from a spectroscopic viewpoint and thus, tend to neglect the existing spatial correlation between pixels. In this paper, a novel algorithm is proposed to integrate(More)
The title complex, {[Cd(C8H11O4)2(C10H8N2)(H2O)].H2O}(n), consists of linear chains formed through 4,4'-bipyridine ligands linking seven-coordinated Cd(II) ions. Each Cd(II) ion is in a distorted pentagonal-bipyramidal environment, coordinated by one water ligand, two 4-carboxycyclohexane-1-carboxylate ligands and one bridging 4,4'-bipyridine ligand to(More)
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