Epimenidis Voutsakis

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Semantic Similarity relates to computing the similarity between concepts which are not lexicographically similar. We investigate approaches to computing semantic similarity by mapping terms (concepts) to an ontology and by examining their relationships in that ontology. Some of the most popular semantic similarity methods are implemented and evaluated using(More)
Semantic Similarity relates to computing the similarity between conceptually similar but not necessarily lexically similar terms. Typically, semantic similarity is computed by mapping terms to an ontology and by examining their relationships in that ontology. We investigate approaches to computing the semantic similarity between natural language terms(More)
IntelliSearch is a complete and fully automated information retrieval system for the Web. It supports fast and accurate responses to queries addressing text and images in Web pages by incorporating stateof-the-art text and Web link information indexing and rertieval methods in conjunction with efficient ranking of Web pages and images by importance(More)
Image retrieval on the Web requires that important (authoritative) images satisfying the query selection criteria are assigned higher ranking over other relevant images. PicASHOW [5] achieves this goal using link information alone. This work proposes WPicASHOW (Weighted PicASHOW) a weighted scheme for co-citation analysis that incorporates within the link(More)
Relevance feedback is the state-of-the-art approach for adjusting query results to the needs of the users. This work extends the existing framework of image retrieval with relevance feedback on the Web by incorporating text and image content into the search and feedback process. Some of the most powerful relevance feedback methods are implemented and tested(More)
This work shows that it is possible to exploit text and image content characteristics of logo and trademark images in Web pages for enhancing the performance of retrievals on the Web. Searching for important (authoritative) Web pages and images is a desirable feature of many Web search engines and is also taken into account. State-of-the-art methods for(More)
Rating a page to be a best one, based only on Page Ranking algorithm of Brin and Page would be insufficient. This method relied totally on Link information alone. However, due to application of Soft Computing in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, machines were made more effective, additional features of a Page involving its indexing, terms used,(More)
The recommender systems are new type of software tools designed to help users find their way through today's online shops. Due to the increasing number of e-commerce websites, it is necessary to render effective recommendation to the users. Here we present an overview of current recommendation systems and then our proposed system that employs WordNet(More)
and MeSH terms (MeSH Headings). These descriptions are syntactically analyzed and reduced into separate vectors of MeSH terms which are matched against the queries according to Equation 3 (as similarity between expanded and re-weighted vectors). The weights of all MeSH terms are initialized to one while the weights of titles and abstracts are initialized by(More)
The moment invariants are used as a feature space for pattern recognition. Shape and texture representation is a fundamental issue in the newly emerging multimedia applications. This work addresses the problem of retrieval in case of rotation, shape, resizing, and translation of an image in the content based image retrieval system. A modified Zernike moment(More)
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