Ephrance Abu Ujum

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This paper studies the structure of collaboration in the Journal of Finance for the period 1980–2009 using publication data from the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). There are 3,840 publications within this period, out of which 58% are collaborations. These collaborations form 405 components, with the giant component capturing approximately 54% of(More)
This paper presents a comparative impact analysis on collaborative research in Malaysia. All analyses were conducted using ISI-indexed journal articles published in the 10-year period spanning the years 2000–2009. The publication growth and distribution of domestic versus international Malaysian-addressed collaborative articles was examined. Then, a(More)
Articles you may be interested in Department-level change: Using social network analysis to map the hidden structure of academic departments AIP Conf. A social network analysis of research collaboration in physics education Am. Abstract. This conference proceeding presents an empirical assessment on the domestic publication output and structure of(More)
This paper explores a dual score system that simultaneously evaluates the relative importance of researchers and their works. It is a modification of the CITEX algorithm recently described in Pal and Ruj (2015). Using available publication data for m author keywords (as a proxy for researchers) and n papers it is possible to construct a m × n author-paper(More)
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