Ephraim Tukesiga

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Wadelai, an isolated focus for onchocerciasis in northwest Uganda, was selected for piloting an onchocerciasis elimination strategy that was ultimately the precursor for countrywide onchocerciasis elimination policy. The Wadelai focus strategy was to increase ivermectin treatments from annual to semiannual frequency and expand geographic area in order to(More)
It was not until early 1990s that, when the Imaramagambo focus of southwest Uganda was mapped, mass treatment with a single annual dose of ivermectin for onchocerciaisis control commenced. However, comprehensive investigations on its transmission were launched after a nationwide policy for onchocerciasis elimination in 2007. Entomological surveys throughout(More)
Dear Sir: We thank Pion and Boussinesq 1 for the initiative to reanalyze the data of their study from an onchocerciasis endemic area in Central Cameroon that, in part, had been published in 2002. 2 Their finding of a significant association between epilepsy and the presence of subcutaneous nodules corresponds well with our own results obtained in a similar(More)
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