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Bars in Disk-dominated and Bulge-dominated Galaxies at z ~ 0: New Insights from ~3600 SDSS Galaxies
We present a study of large-scale bars in the local universe, based on a large sample of 3692 galaxies, with 18.5 ≤ Mg < − 22.0 mag and redshift 0.01 ≤ z < 0.03, drawn from the Sloan Digitized Sky
We explore the amount of obscured star formation as a function of environment in the Abell 901/902 (A901/902) supercluster at z = 0.165 in conjunction with a field sample drawn from the A901 and CDFS
A deep, narrow J-band search for protogalactic Lyα emission at redshifts z~ 9
We present a deep, narrow J-band search for protogalactic Lya emission at redshifts z ∼ 9. We combine an exceptionally deep image of the Hubble Deep Field South, obtained using a narrow-band filter
Stellar populations of early-type galaxies in different environments. III. Line-strength gradients
Aims. This is the third paper of a series devoted to the study of the stellar content of early-type galaxies. The goal of the series is to set constraints on the evolutionary status of these objects.
Uvudf: Ultraviolet Imaging Of The Hubble Ultra Deep Field With Wide-Field Camera 3
We present an overview of a 90 orbit Hubble Space Telescope treasury program to obtain near-ultraviolet imaging of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field using the Wide Field Camera 3 UVIS detector with the
Satellite galaxies in semi-analytic models of galaxy formation with sterile neutrino dark matter
The sterile neutrino is a viable darkmatter candidate that can be produced in the early Universe via non-equilibrium processes, and would therefore possess a highly non-thermal spectrum of primordial
Optimizer Benchmarking Needs to Account for Hyperparameter Tuning
Evaluating a variety of optimizers on an extensive set of standard datasets and architectures, the results indicate that Adam is the most practical solution, particularly in low-budget scenarios.
STAGES: the Space Telescope A901/2 Galaxy Evolution Survey
We present an overview of the Space Telescope A901/2 Galaxy Evolution Survey (STAGES). STAGES is a multiwavelength project designed to probe physical drivers of galaxy evolution across a wide range
Spatial decomposition of on-nucleus spectra of quasar host galaxies*
In order to study the host galaxies of type 1 (broad-line) quasars, we present a semi-analytic modelling method to decompose the on-nucleus spectra of quasars into nuclear and host galaxy channels.
Infrared and Raman studies of the Verwey transition in magnetite
We present infrared and Raman measurements of magnetite (Fe3O4). This material is known to undergo a metal-insulator and a structural transition (Verwey transition) at T-V = 120 K. The structural