Epaminondas Rosa

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We present a novel modeling approach for reconstruction of the global behavior of coupled chaotic systems from bivariate time series. We analyze two coupled chaotic oscillators, which are able to phase synchronize due to coupling. It is shown that our technique enables the recovery of the synchronization diagram from only three data sets. In particular,(More)
We present the characteristics and an analysis of a proposed communication scheme fully based on chaos theory. The key point is that the proposed scheme introduces the dynamical system as a way to encode and decode information and as a signal wave generator. In this scheme, all the protocols used to communicate digitally are fully integrated into one single(More)
We explore a properly interconnected set of Kuramoto type oscillators that results in a new associative-memory network configuration, which includes second- and third-order additional terms in the Fourier expansion of the network's coupling. Investigation of the response of the network to different external stimuli indicates an increase in the network(More)
We study the role of the strength of subthreshold currents in a four-dimensional Hodgkin-Huxley-type model of mammalian cold receptors. Since a total diminution of subthreshold activity corresponds to a decomposition of the model into a slow, subthreshold, and a fast, spiking subsystem, we first elucidate their respective dynamics separately and draw(More)
We show experimental and numerical results of phase synchronization between the chaotic Chua circuit and a small sinusoidal perturbation. Experimental real-time phase synchronized states can be detected with oscilloscope visualization of the attractor, using specific sampling rates. Arnold tongues demonstrate robust phase synchronized states for(More)
We propose a mechanism-based modelling approach which brings together the most relevant features of neural dynamics and synaptic transmission for clinically valuable simulations of psychiatric disorders and their pharmaceutical treatment. It is based on a minimal, but physiologically justified concept, which allows to account for a great diversity of(More)