Eok Bong Kim

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A sweep optical frequency synthesizer is demonstrated by using a frequency-stabilized optical frequency comb and injection-locked distributed-Bragg-reflector (DBR) laser diode. The injection-locked DBR laser acts as a single-frequency filter and, simultaneously, a high-gain amplifier of the optical frequency comb. The frequency instability of the heterodyne(More)
We obtained fline = (351 721 960 559 ± 39) kHz, k = 1, as the absolute frequency of F = 4 → F ′ = 5 transition of cesium D2 line by measuring the frequency of an external cavity diode laser (ECDL) locked to the center of the line with frequency modulation transfer technique. The frequency of ECDL was measured by an optical frequency synthesizer based on a(More)
We present a coherent multi-frequency source generated from a mode-locked femto-second laser. The key concept for the coherent multi-frequency source generation is using the mode-locked femto-second laser as many continuous wave (CW) optical sources. We simultaneously selected and amplified the desired modes of the optical frequency comb using femto-second(More)
We developed an optical frequency synthesizer (OFS) with the carrier-envelope-offset frequency locked to 0 Hz achieved using the "direct locking method." This method differs from a conventional phaselock method in that the interference signal from a self-referencing f-2f interferometer is directly fed back to the carrier-envelope-phase control of a(More)
The long-term carrier-envelope phase (CEP) coherence of a femtosecond laser with same pulse-to-pulse CEP value, obtained using the direct locking method, is demonstrated by employing a quasi-common-path interferometer (QPI). For the evaluation of the CEP stability, the phase noise properties of a femtosecond laser with the CEP stabilized using a QPI are(More)
We have demonstrated in an ytterbium laser cooling and trapping experiment a high-power violet extendedcavity diode laser (ECDL) stabilized to the Yb resonant transition at 398.9 nm in an Yb hollow-cathode lamp. A frequency-dispersion signal, which we obtained by applying a modulation-free dichroic-atomic-vapor laser lock technique, allowed us to stabilize(More)
This paper demonstrates a direct comparison of optical frequency combs (OFCs) with different repetition rates without a stable intermediate laser using a single-mode comb-injection-lock technique. Two OFCs based on Ti:Sapphire mode-locked lasers were compared utilizing a single-mode diode laser for the selection and the amplification of one mode of an OFC(More)
This study demonstrates 578 nm yellow light generation with a narrow linewidth using a waveguide periodically poled lithium niboate (PPLN) and an optical injection-locked diode laser. The frequency of an external cavity diode laser used as a master laser operating at 1156 nm in optical injection-locking mode was locked into a high-finesse cavity with the(More)
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