Eoin O’Malley

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OBJECTIVES To examine the impact that anatomy-focused radiology teaching has on non-examined knowledge regarding radiation safety and radiology as a specialty. METHODS First-year undergraduate medical students completed surveys prior to and after undertaking the first-year anatomy programme that incorporates radiological anatomy. Students were asked(More)
Since the mid-1980s, the software industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the Irish economy. This article examines the causes of the degree of success which the Irish indigenous software industry has attained in terms of growth and international competitiveness. In exploring the development of its competitive advantage we examine, in turn,(More)
Participation in elections varies throughout Europe, and while politicians frequently claim that high turnout suits them, it cannot be true for all parties. Some authors have claimed that there is a positive correlation between turnout and support for left-wing parties; others have said that increased turnout aids challengers. Both these hypotheses have(More)
The rise of the radical right has occupied a great deal of attention of political scientists; arguably proportionally much greater than the radical right’s electoral or governmental impact. In defining the extreme right, writers often point to the ultra-nationalist ideologies of these parties and racist or anti-immigrant platforms, even though not all of(More)
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