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BACKGROUND Mitoxantrone is an effective disease-modifying therapy in multiple sclerosis (MS), but its use is limited by cardiotoxicity. We evaluated global myocardial function, including myocardial performance index (MPI), on echocardiography in MS patients after remote mitoxantrone treatment. METHODS AND RESULTS Consecutive patients (n = 50) treated with(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate that a distinct group of patients with Grade Ia diastolic dysfunction who do not conform to present ASE/ESE diastolic grading exists. METHOD AND RESULTS Echocardiographic and demographic data of the Grade Ia diastolic dysfunction were extracted and compared with that of Grades I and II in 515 patients. The mean of age of the(More)
BACKGROUND Mitoxantrone has been extensively used as a disease-modifying therapy for multiple sclerosis. However, estimates of the associated risk of therapy-related acute leukaemia and cardiomyopathy have been derived from short-term studies. This study aimed to ascertain the long-term risk of therapy-related acute leukaemia or cardiomyopathy after(More)
Alexia without agraphia (also called pure alexia or word blindness) was the first of the disconnection syndromes (syndromes caused by disconnection of the right from the left cerebral hemisphere through interruption of the communication pathways between them) to be described. Déjerine in 1892 reported a patient who developed this syndrome after an infarct(More)
Ketoacidosis is an important but under-recognized complication of neuromuscular disease, in particular spinal muscular atrophy. This easily treatable condition is largely overlooked in best practice guidelines, and lack of awareness contributes to adverse outcomes in this patient population. Neuromyopathy associated ketosis should be considered in all(More)
A 31-year-old woman presented to the hospital with symptoms of nausea, malaise, and emesis. She was breastfeeding her 10-month-old infant. She was found to have severe ketoacidosis. The patient was not in diabetic ketoacidosis or alcoholic ketoacidosis; nor had she ingested any toxins. After she was admitted to the hospital, received intravenous fluids, and(More)
The syndrome of headache with neurologic deficits and cerebrospinal fluid lymphocytosis (HANDL) is rare; it comprises migrainous headaches (generally in headache-naïve people), fluctuating neurological symptoms and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) lymphocytosis. The syndrome generally runs a benign, self-limiting course over weeks. A small proportion of patients(More)