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INTRODUCTION Mental impairments, including deterioration of mood and cognitive performance, are known to occur during isolation and space missions, but have been insufficiently investigated. Appropriate countermeasures are required, such as exercise, which is known to prevent mood disorders for prolonged space and isolation missions. Based on the(More)
This study examined the visual and motor components of pseudoneglect as expressed on horizontal bisection tasks. Ten participants were tested on bisection of lines and elliptical shapes and judgement of pretransected lines. Results showed the same magnitude of leftward error on all three tasks, in contrast to previous findings for patients with visuospatial(More)
Normal participants display a leftward bias when bisecting horizontal lines. It has been proposed that bisection errors can be affected by representational biases. We investigated the possibility that this effect could also be explained as the result of perceptual cueing. Participants bisected horizontal lines with identical arrows arranged around the(More)
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