Eoin M Scanlan

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Factors governing hydration, regioselectivity and conformational choice in hydrated carbohydrates have been examined by determining and reviewing the structures of a systematically varied set of singly and multiply hydrated monosaccharide complexes in the gas phase. This has been achieved through a combination of experiments, including infrared(More)
Carbamoyl radicals were generated from oxime oxalate amides, and the kinetics of their 4-exo cyclizations onto C=C and C=NO bonds, leading to beta-lactam-containing species, were studied by EPR spectroscopy. DFT computations with model carbamoyl radicals predicted 4-exo ring closures onto C=NO bonds to be facile, especially when tert-butyl substituents were(More)
Carbon-based nanomaterials have attracted much interest during the last decade for biomedical applications. Multimodal imaging probes based on carbon nano-onions (CNOs) have emerged as a platform for bioimaging because of their cell-penetration properties and minimal systemic toxicity. Here, we describe the covalent functionalization of CNOs with(More)
The sequential combination of native chemical ligation and thiol-ene radical chemistry (NCL-TEC) on the resulting cysteine thiol has been investigated as a methodology for rapidly accessing functionalized peptides. Three sequential cycles of native chemical ligation and subsequent thiyl radical reactions (including a free-radical-mediated desulfurization(More)
The intermolecular thiol-ene reaction is emerging as a highly efficient; free-radical mediated "click" process with diverse applications in biofunctionalisation and materials science. The related intramolecular thiol-ene reactions offer significant potential for the preparation of a wide range of sulphur containing heterocycles including synthetic(More)
The use of intramolecular thiyl radical cyclizations for the synthesis of thiosugars has been investigated, and a new free-radical-based methodology for the synthesis of biologically important thiosugars has been developed. The methodology is mild and proceeds via either 6-endo or 5-exo cyclization to furnish the thiosugar ring. This represents the first(More)