Eoin A Murphy

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Representation is a very important component of any evolutionary algorithm. Changing the representation can cause an algorithm to perform very differently. Such a change can have an effect that is difficult to understand. This paper examines what happens to the grammatical evolution algorithm when replacing the commonly used context-free grammar(More)
— In this paper we investigate the application of tree-adjunct grammars to grammatical evolution. The standard type of grammar used by grammatical evolution, context-free grammars, produce a subset of the languages that tree-adjunct grammars can produce, making tree-adjunct grammars, expressively , more powerful. In this study we shed some light on the(More)
Several papers show that symbolic regression is suitable for data analysis and prediction in financial markets. Grammatical Evolution (GE), a grammar-based form of Genetic Programming (GP), has been successfully applied in solving various tasks including symbolic regression. However, often the computational effort to calculate the fitness of a solution in(More)
—Although many real world problems are dynamic in nature, the study of Genetic Programming in dynamic environments is still immature. This paper investigates the application of some recently proposed semantic-based crossover operators on a series of dynamic problems. The operators studied include Semantic Similarity based Crossover and the Most Semantic(More)
Preferential language biases which are introduced when using Tree-Adjoining Grammars in Grammatical Evolution affect the distribution of generated derivation structures, and as such, present difficulties when designing initialisation methods. Similar initial populations allow for a fairer comparison between different GP methods. This work proposes methods(More)
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is an aggressive stem cell malignancy that is difficult to treat. There are limitations to the current treatment regimes especially after disease relapse, and therefore new therapeutic agents are urgently required which can overcome drug resistance whilst avoiding unnecessary toxicity. Among newer targeted agents, both tumor(More)
Oxygen deficiency, known as hypoxia, in arterial walls has been linked to increased intimal hyperplasia, which is the main adverse biological process causing in-stent restenosis. Stent implantation has significant effects on the oxygen transport into the arterial wall. Elucidating these effects is critical to optimizing future stent designs. In this study(More)
The creative requirements for <i>The LEGO Movie</i> demanded that the entire world be made of individual LEGO bricks, with no cheating. Whole buildings needed to be demolished into their component bricks, vehicles pulled apart and re-assembled differently and some parts of the set were to be ripped up and formed into other objects. Even simulated FX like(More)
The lack of study of genetic programming in dynamic environments is recognised as a known issue in the field of genetic programming. This study compares the performance of two forms of genetic programming, grammatical evolution and a variation of grammatical evolution which uses tree-adjunct grammars, on a series of dynamic problems. Mean best fitness plots(More)