Eoghan R T C Owen

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The ESPAC-1, ESPAC-1 plus, and early ESPAC-3(v1) results (458 randomized patients; 364 deaths) were used to estimate the effectiveness of adjuvant 5FU/FA vs resection alone for pancreatic cancer using meta-analysis. The pooled hazard ratio of 0.70 (95% CI=0.55-0.88) P=0.003, and the median survival of 23.2 (95% CI=20.1-26.5) months with 5FU/FA vs 16.8 (95%(More)
This study attempts to reconcile the apparent differences in the reported frequency of ankylosing spondylitis and radiological sacroiliitis in HLA-B27 positive individuals. Pelvic radiographs from 125 Busselton subjects were mixed with 81 other films selected to illustrate the possible range of sacroiliac changes and were graded by observers who were(More)
Bone within the uterine cavity is an unusual finding in women with secondary subfertility, and is usually associated with a past history of termination of pregnancy. The etiology is unknown, but theories include retained fetal bone and osseous metaplasia of endometrial tissue. We describe the cases of three subfertility patients, all with a history of(More)
A case of reactive arthritis in a patient with a previously documented history of Reiter's syndrome is described. The precipitating agent appears to have been Clostridium difficile. High levels of toxin were demonstrable in the faeces and neutralising antitoxin was detected in the patient's serum but not synovial fluid. Resolution of the polyarthropathy was(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify the magnitude and distribution of osteoporosis in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS Bone mineral density (BMD) was measured by dual x-ray absorptiometry, in a monozygotic co-twin control study. RESULTS BMD was reduced at most skeletal sites in the twin with RA compared with the co-twin (lumbar spine 4.6%, femoral neck 9.7%, total(More)
Antibodies to ribonucleoprotein (RNP) were detected by an immunofluorescence technique based on the sensitivity of speckled antinuclear antibodies to ribonuclease. These antibodies were found to identify a group of patients with a consistent set of clinical features, especially arthritis, swollen hands, Raynaud's phenomenon, and myositis. The presence of(More)
Disturbance of iron metabolism is a prominent feature of the anaemia of rheumatoid arthritis. The plasma iron concentration is almost always reduced in the presence of active disease (Bruzzone and Massimello, 1940; Nilsson, 1948). Despite intensive investigation (Raymond, Bowie, and Dugan, 1965), the metabolic pathways of iron in rheumatoid disease and the(More)
BACKGROUND Only 21.3% of cases of malignant transformation of endometriosis occur at extragonadal pelvic sites. Forty cases of endometriosis-associated intestinal tumors are reported in the literature. Of these, 17 cases are primary adenocarcinomas arising in the rectosigmoid colon. In 8 of the 17 case reports the patients were using unopposed estrogen(More)