Eoghan O'Connor

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Primary astrocyte cultures exposed to hypotonic media undergo a rapid initial swelling followed by a regulatory volume decrease (RVD), which is associated with the release of ions and amino acids. The Ca2+ dependence of RVD was investigated. Using a method that measures extracellular electrical resistance to measure cell volume changes in(More)
Exposure of primary astrocyte cultures to isosmotic ethanol from 10-100 mM led to both swelling of the cells and release of [3H]taurine and D-[3H]aspartate. Exposure to hyperosmotic ethanol, in the same concentration range, caused neither swelling nor release. Release was inhibited by the anion transport blocker L-644,711, already shown to inhibit amino(More)
Rat brain astrocytes growing in primary monolayer cultures were swollen by exposing them to media of decreasing osmolality caused by removal of NaCl, and the effects of this treatment on their membrane potentials were measured by intracellular recording. Depolarizations were seen that were proportional to the degree of swelling, reaching a maximum of around(More)
An electrical resistance method was developed to measure volume changes in substratum-attached monolayer cultures. Astrocytes in primary monolayer cultures prepared from neonatal rat cerebral cortex were placed in a confined channel containing a balanced salt solution, and the electrical resistance of the channel was measured using an applied alternating(More)
In this paper we present an overview of methods for determining cell volume in both suspension and monolayer cultures. Data from the use of selected methods such as the Coulter counter system for suspension cultures and radiolabelled intracellular markers for substratum-attached, monolayer cultures are presented. The advantages, limitations, and conditions(More)
This paper describes the declination trends of f0 in conversational speech data. A 10-minute dialogue interaction from a corpus of spontaneous speech was annotated to identify intersilence units (ISU) and turns. Detailed annotation of the ISUs was conducted in terms of communicative types and pitch patterns. f0 declination was measured by (1) fitting a(More)
Circular dichroism (CD) and optical rotatory dispersion (ORD) spectra of several liganded derivatives of the monomer and polymer hemoglobin components of the marine annelid, Glycera dibranchiata were measured over the wavelength range 650--195 nm. The differences observed between the monomer and polymer components for the heme dichroic bands in the visible,(More)
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