Enzo Orsingher

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In this paper we consider nonhomogeneous birth and death processes (BDP) with periodic rates. Two important parameters are studied, which are helpful to describe a nonhomogeneous BDP X = X (t), t ≥ 0: the limiting mean value (namely, the mean length of the queue at a given time t) and the double mean (i.e. the mean length of the queue for the whole duration(More)
We analyse the vector process (X 0 (t), X 1 (t),. .. , Xn(t), t > 0) where X k (t) = t 0 X k−1 (s)ds, k = 1,. .. , n, and X 0 (t) is the two-valued telegraph process. In particular, the hyperbolic equations governing the joint distributions of the process are derived and analysed. Special care is given to the case of the process (X 0 (t), X 1 (t), X 2 (t),(More)
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