Enzo Martinelli

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Kisspeptin is a potent activator of GnRH-induced gonadotropin secretion and is a proposed central regulator of pubertal onset. In mice, there is a neuroanatomical separation of two discrete kisspeptin neuronal populations, which are sexually dimorphic and are believed to make distinct contributions to reproductive physiology. Within these kisspeptin neuron(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the suitability of a phenytoin loading dose regimen; to assess whether dose-individualization was necessary and to investigate the reliability of a Bayesian forecasting method for phenytoin dose adaptation using non-steady-state levels in hospital-admitted patients. METHOD An initial loading dose (15 mg phenytoin acid/kg BW) was(More)
The stability of a preservative-free morphine chloride solution for intravenous or intrathecal use manufactured at a concentration of 40 mg/ml, near the solubility limit in water, was studied. The influence of heat and oxygen on morphine content was measured with and without autoclaving, and after additional thermal and oxidative stress. The morphine(More)
The present paper deals with the mechanical behaviour of masonry columns confined by using fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. In particular, it presents the key results of a wide experimental program jointly carried out at the Laboratories of the Universities of Salerno and Salento (Italy). Several kinds of masonry, made out of either natural or(More)
The use of mechanically-fastened fiber-reinforced polymer (MF-FRP) systems has recently emerged as a competitive solution for the flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) beams and slabs. An overview of the experimental research has proven the effectiveness and the potentiality of the MF-FRP technique which is particularly suitable for emergency(More)
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