Enzo Giraldi

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The DNA methylation pattern ofVicia faba metaphase chromosomes was examined with a specific monoclonal antibody. 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) residues are present in different chromosomal sites, and are particularly abundant in telomeric and/or subtelomeric regions and in certain intercalary bands. Chromosomal localization of methylated regions enables a better(More)
The lower limbs of 84 consecutive patients (48 women and 36 men, age range: 16-75 years, average: 38 years) suffering from acute aching calf symptoms were examined with conventional and color Doppler US. Thirteen cases of muscular thrombosis in the calf were observed, together with 19 cases of deep venous thrombosis, 7 post-phlebitic syndromes, 9 lymphatic(More)
OBJECTIVE Treatment of chronic venous insufficiency of the great saphenous veins by endovenous laser ablation yields good short- and medium-term results, as assessed clinically and technically by echo-color-Doppler. At present, scarce data are available on the long-term results of endovenous laser ablation. We wanted to assess the long-term efficacy of(More)
The authors compared the adequacy of phlebography and color-Doppler US in the diagnosis of subclavian-axillary thrombosis, or Paget-Schroetter syndrome. Ten patients with subclavian-axillary thrombosis (8 men and 2 women, aged 16 to 55 years, mean age: 30 years) were examined over a two-year period. All of them underwent color-Doppler US and conventional(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent varices after surgery are a complex problem. Many studies regarding the causes of recurrence and the best procedures that can be used to study them have been conducted but few studies on the natural history of the operations performed for recurrence. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficiency of reintervention in controlling the varicose(More)
Thirty-eight patients (45 limbs on the whole) with clinical suspicion of deep venous thrombosis in the lower limbs were examined with duplex US and color-Doppler flow mapping. The results were compared with those of ascending phlebography used as a reference. Disease sites included distal localizations, limited to the leg, with no involvement of the(More)
The authors analyze the results obtained by means of Doppler US, duplex examination and venography in the preoperative evaluation of venous vascular anatomy and flow dynamics in the popliteal fossa for short saphenous vein surgery. As a whole, 50 legs were examined in 34 patients who subsequently underwent surgery. The confluence of the short saphenous vein(More)
OBJECTIVE Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) of great (GSV) and small saphenous vein (SSV) chronic insufficiency with 1470-nm diode laser and radial fiber yields good short-term results. The aim of this study was to assess its efficacy after at least 12 months of follow-up. METHODS We performed a prospective interventional cohort study in an ambulatory(More)
This trial was aimed at comparing the tolerance and the safety of Iopentol, a new nonionic monomeric contrast agent, with Iohexol, a reference compound already on the market and commonly used in similar trials. Sixty adult patients (41 women and 19 men, aged 23 to 76 years, mean age: 51.4 years) referred to our Department of Radiology for varicography 24(More)
The authors evaluated the long-term results of sclerosing therapy as an alternative to surgery by means of high-resolution US and Doppler dynamic fluximetry (duplex system). Seventy patients (53 females and 17 males) were examined, all of whom fulfilled the clinical criteria of recovery and efficacy of sclerosing therapy. Average follow up was 20 months(More)