Enzo DI Giandomenico

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The nonoperative treatment--i.e., rubber band ligation and sclerotherapy--of mucous rectal prolapse, rectocele and intussusception is much less expensive than conventional surgery (Lit. 325,000 vs. 6,500,000, p < 0.0001 on the average). Symptom relief, however, has been reported in 0 to 57% of cases only, according to current literature. A possible cause is(More)
AIM To report our experience on implementation and preliminary results of a decision-making model based on the recommendations of an Interdisciplinary Oncological Care Group developed for the management of colorectal cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS The multidisciplinary team identified a reference guideline using appraisal of guidelines for research and(More)
We evaluated the ability of general, regional (interscalene block) and balanced anaesthesia (interscalene block supplemented by general anaesthesia) to manage the problems of shoulder surgery. Our results show that general anaesthesia is not adequate. Interscalene block provides intra and postoperative analgesia, allows an early realization of the(More)
The neck vessels of 60 patients were studied by means of magnetic resonance angiography, with gradient-echo FISP sequences with short TR and TE and with a 25 degrees flip angle. To study arterial neck vessels, sequences were acquired on the coronal and on the sagittal planes, centered on the cricoid. The intracranial tract of the vertebral arteries required(More)
During the past four years the authors have been gaining experience in reporting radiological examinations by personal computer. Today they describe the project of a new software which allows the reporting and filing of roentgenograms. This program was realized by a radiologist, using a well known data base management system: dBASE III. The program was(More)
The authors, after mentioning physiologic appearance of portal circulation and physical principles governing the interrelationship of pressure, flow and flow velocity in blood vessels, report the results of a study about trend of haemodynamic values in 23 normal subjects and 13 cirrhotic patients. Values of portal blood flow and fluid speed were measured(More)
We studied three groups of 30 patients each, undergoing minor orthopaedic surgery, anaesthetized with alfentanil (30 micrograms/kg bolus followed by an infusion of 0.3 micrograms/kg/min), thiopental 3 mg/kg and 70% N2O via facial mask. Patients in group I were treated, three minutes before induction, with vecuronium 0.02 mg/kg i.v., while those in group II(More)
From November 1989 to April 1990, 16 patients with rectal cancer were examined preoperatively by means of double contrast barium enema and defecography. Double contrast barium enema was used to identify the cancer: based on the distance of cancer from anal rima, the patients were divided into 3 groups: 1) less than 6 cm; 2) 6-11 cm; 3) more than 11 cm. In(More)