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We study the 3-D imaging properties of a rotation-free micro-computed tomography (CT) system with square and hexagonal geometries. These systems use linear arrays of carbon-nanotube-based X-ray sources that are individually addressable. The source arrays and area detectors in the square and the hexagonal geometries form the sides of a polygon. The(More)
The 3,6-diethyl-hexahydro-s-tetrazine (I), the octahydro-s-tetrazino [1,2-a]-s-tetrazine (II) and their diacetylated or tetrabenzoylated derivatives were studied. (I) and (II) exhibited, on the Phanerogame germination and plantlet growth, in Petri box, an inhibitor effect, the intensity of which is of the same order as the one of 2,4 D(More)
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