Enzheng Zhang

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Not only the magnitude but also the position of straightness errors are of concern to users. However, current laser interferometers used for measuring straightness seldom give the relative position of the straightness error. To solve this problem, a laser interferometer for measuring straightness and its position based on heterodyne interferometry is(More)
A laser heterodyne interferometer for simultaneous measuring displacement and angle based on the Faraday effect is proposed. The optical configuration of the proposed interferometer is designed and the mathematic model for measuring displacement and angle is established. The influences of the translational, lateral and rotational movements of the measuring(More)
A novel laser heterodyne interferometric system with following interference units is proposed for large X-Y-θ planar motion measurement. In this system, two interference units moved by two separate linear stages along x-axis and y-axis are used to follow the large movement of the measured stage so that the simultaneous measurement of three degrees of(More)
A laser wavelength precision measurement method is presented based on the laser synthetic wavelength interferometer (LSWI). According to the linear relation between the displacements of measurement and reference arms in the interferometer, the synthetic wavelength produced by an unknown wavelength and a reference wavelength can be measured by detecting the(More)
A laser straightness interferometer system with rotational error compensation and simultaneous measurement of six degrees of freedom error parameters is proposed. The optical configuration of the proposed system is designed and the mathematic model for simultaneously measuring six degrees of freedom parameters of the measured object including three(More)
The laser beam drift seriously influences the accuracy of straightness or displacement measurement in laser interferometers, especially for the long travel measurement. To solve this problem, a heterodyne straightness and displacement measuring interferometer with laser beam drift compensation is proposed. In this interferometer, the simultaneous(More)
A novel phase measurement method composed of the rising-edge locked signal processing and the digital frequency mixing is proposed for laser heterodyne interferometer. The rising-edge locked signal processing, which employs a high frequency clock signal to lock the rising-edges of the reference and measurement signals, not only can improve the steepness of(More)
Correct return of the measuring beam is essential for laser interferometers to carry out measurement. In the actual situation, because the measured object inevitably rotates or laterally moves, not only the measurement accuracy will decrease, or even the measurement will be impossibly performed. To solve this problem, a novel orthogonal return method for(More)
A novel method for the precision measurement of refractive index of air (n(air)) based on the combining of the laser synthetic wavelength interferometry with the Edlén equation estimation is proposed. First, a n(air_e) is calculated from the modified Edlén equation according to environmental parameters measured by low precision sensors with an uncertainty(More)
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