Enzhan Zhang

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Vehicle positioning is critical for Inter-vehicle Communication, navigation, vehicle monitoring and tracking, which are regarded as the technology to make everyday-driving safer. Conventional positioning methods (for example GPS) have poor accuracy (approximately ten meters, D-GPS has higher accuracy about one or two meters.), and could not positioning onto(More)
This paper demonstrates that ant colony optimization can efficiently improve the traffic situation in an urban environment. A Dynamic Travel Path Optimization System (DTPOS) based on Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is proposed for the prediction of the best path to a given destination. In DTPOS, traffic factors such as average travel speed, average waiting(More)
Travelling salesman problem (TSP) finds applications in wide domains. It is a well known NP Hard problem. In this paper we have proposed nature inspired ant colony optimization on travelling salesman problem. A comparative analysis is done among the standard travelling salesman problem and proposed ant colony based approaches. All the implementations are(More)
A physical-layer feedback space (PFS) based relay selection (PFS/RS) for Virtual MIMO Systems is proposed in this paper. Relay selection along the multi-hop relay chain is performed on a two-hop segment basis. For each two-hop segment, cluster head of the first cluster (CH<inf>1</inf>) initiates relay selection by sending an invitation message to the second(More)
Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication offers great potential as far as information dissemination in VANETs is concerned. Research has shown that clustering vehicles and relaying information through cluster-heads (CHs) has several advantages over allowing all the vehicles to broadcast the information. Forming and maintaining stable clusters as well as(More)
Statistical process control (SPC) is a tool for achieving and maintaining product quality. Classical univariate statistical techniques have focused on the monitoring of one quality variable at a time and are not appropriate for analysing process data where variables exhibit collinear behaviour. Minimal information is derived on the interactions between(More)
Vehicle speed statistics of road segments is very important for route optimization and traffic control in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Many speed measurements such as probe vehicles based are costly on hardware and reuse of existing surveillance infrastructure. And generally, statistical average speed is used, which is based upon Gaussian(More)
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